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What is a MAG Box and MAG Box Installation Guide

MAG 349 with built in WiFi receiver

Most People have heard of Android or Android TV boxes but not many have heard of MAG boxes or MAG STB boxes. We have created this page for people thinking of purchasing a MAG box and for new owners of MAG devices. This page will help you know your new device, How to connect it up to your Television and your internet router, How to Connect your new MAG box to your IPTV suppliers Portal address, how to use the remote control and much more. 

Best MAG box for IPTV

MAG Set-Top Box (STB)

Since 2007, Infomir has developed and manufactured Set-Top Boxes (STB) and the software installed on them, under the brand name MAG. These Set-Top Boxes and their software are designed to access high quality HD movie streams and Live TV streams with their inbuilt decoders. The MAG devices stand out because of their reliability and cost effectiveness, They are very easy to install and have a very user friendly format. Once your MAG Set-Top Box has been connected with an IPTV service like Expat IPTV, then you will have the choice of thousands of Live TV channels and Movies on demand at the press of a button.



The original Set-Top Box, the MAG 250

The MAG250 which is no longer produced by infomir was a key model in the popular MAG series, it was designed for an easy launch in IP-based networks. The MAG 250 Set-Top Box was designed for ISPs, OTT-operators and content aggregators that provide services based on IPTV, OTT and VoD. The MAG250 contained a whole set of functions that were in high demand with operators, such as playback of digital TV channels in high quality, streaming video support and video on demand. As the MAG boxes run Linux and not Android, This means that the MAG Set-Top Box was not overloaded with apps and other content which were freely available to download onto android devices. So the MAG boxes would last longer than their android rivals because they would not get bogged down with unwanted files or apps and they could still cope with the task they were made for.

Premium MAG IPTV/OTT Set-Top Boxes

Premium MAG Set-Top Boxes are equipped with super-powerful Broadcom chipset that guarantee high performance while processing intensive applications. Supporting such formats as FullHD and UltraHD, MAG349 and MAG351 allow watching the content of the highest quality.


How To Connect Your MAG Box To Your Television

MAG 349 STB unboxed

Connecting Your MAG Box to Your TV

Your MAG will come boxed complete with a power adaptor with the correct pin plug for your country, A HDMI cable to connect to your TV and a remote control to operate the box. It will not come with a Keyboard or mouse control but these can be added if you wished.

The MAG349/350 box ports

Ports on the rear of the MAG box

On the rear of the box you will see ports for AV, S/PDIF, HDMI, USB, LAN and the 12v =1a

PORTS from left to right 

AV=  (audio/visual) This port is for if you want to connect your MAG box via the AV leads (Red, yellow and White cable) to a TV or monitor. 

S/PDIF=  (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) is a type of digital audio interconnect used in consumer audio equipment to output audio over reasonably short distance. This can be used to connect your MAG box to your Sound amplifier or surround sound/sound bar.

HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a proprietary audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data. This is the cable which is normally used to connect your TV and MAG box. This cable comes supplied with the MAG box.

USB=  (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard type of connection for many different kinds of devices. Generally, USB refers to the types of cables and connectors used to connect these many types of external devices to computers. This is the port that you can connect A Data Storage USB stick or a wireless mouse receiver or keyboard.

LAN = (local area network) This port is used to connect your MAG box to the internet. This port uses an Ethernet cable to connect to your internet router. 

12v=1a = This is the power supply port. Your MAG box will come with either a 2 or 3 pin plug, depending on the county that you live in. 

How to Connect your MAG box to your TV

Starting up Your MAG box

MAG box home page settings screen

Turning Your MAG box on for the first time

Once your MAG box is connected to your TV you will need to switch your MAG box on and then set your TV to the HDMI port that your box is plugged into. Normally your TV would have a 'source' button which you would press to change to the HDMI port. 

Please Note:  A MAG box does not come pre-installed with TV channels. You would need to contact an IPTV service provider like us, who would give you instructions on how to load the channels to your Box via the setting icon. 

The MAG box does come installed with a youtube browser, and internet browser and a few other apps. 

What is a Mac address?

What is a Mac address

What is My MAG box Mac address and where do I find it?

Your Mac address in simple terms is a unique identity number for your device when it connects to the internet. It is attached to the network adaptor of any device that would connect to a computer network. The unique Mac address is given when the device is manufactured and will never change. Mac address stands for Media Access Control Address and has nothing to do with apple Macintosh devices as sometimes mistaken.


Finding The Mac address of Your Mag box

Find my MAG box MAC address

Finding the Mac address

Finding the mac address on a MAG Box is very easy as it its always printed on the underside of the MAG box.

The Mac address will always start 00:1A:79: followed by the last 3 sets of numbers or digits. This is the number which you will need to give to us or your IPTV provider so that we can add your Mac address to our Portal. We need your Mac address for both free trials and main connection. 


MAG Box Remote control instructions

Mag Box remote control instructions

The MAG box Keyboard Button

MAG STB remote control Keyboard button

The MAG box Keyboard button will bring up the onscreen Keyboard once pressed. to navigate around the keyboard you can use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows and the OK button 

MAG Keyboard on screen

You can Download the MAG box remote Extra functions
PDF sheet 
from the link below

Mag Box Remote control button descriptions

The MAG box remote control and some other functions 

The multi-purpose remote control allows you to manage not only the MAG Set-Top Box, but also operation of other devices too. 


The MAG Remote control, Model: ET-260044 (SRC-4513 (slim).

To program the STB's remote control buttons do the following:

Press left (blue) button On/Of and button A/V at the same time and hold them for 2 seconds. When green light of left «On/Off» button will stop blinking and light steadily, it means that RC is ready to learn.

Press button that you want to «teach» — green light will start blinking.

Place infrared LEDs of both RCs facing each other.

On TV's RC press button which function you wish to assign to STB's RC. Hold for 2 seconds.

After green light two quick blinks you may continue programming other buttons.

Repeat the procedure described above for all buttons you want to program for controlling external devices.

Press On/Off and A/V buttons to save the programmed data; green light should fade off.

Using programmed STB remote control buttons

For example, if you want to turn on/off the TV from STB's RC, you must assign the On/Offbutton of TV's RC to one of programmable STB remote buttons (for example, A/V button). Then, to turn TV off or on, you need to send STB's RC to TV and press A/V button.

Reset STB remote to the factory settings

Press SETUP and OK button at same time and hold for 2 seconds. After 5 times blinking of right (red lighted) On/Off button the reset is done (all programmed sections of STB remote is reset).


Setting the Correct Time to Your MAG box

Once you have connected your MAG Box to your television and also connected the MAG Box to your internet router via WiFi or Ethernet cable, Then it is time to add your portal URL to your MAG Device.
MAG box remote Keyboard button

How to Enter the Time settings on your MAG Box.

Setting the Time on your MAG box is important so that your EPG (Electronic Program Guide) loads correctly.


To set the Time

1) Go to Settings, and press OK on your remote

2) Servers, and press OK

3) General and press OK

4) Press the Keyboard button on your remote control and type: 

5) Press OK  and go back. 

6) Now you need to go to Advanced settings and press OK

7) Go to time zone  and select the time zone that you are in. 

Your time should now be set on your MAG box and you can now continue to entering your IPTV providers portal URL 

Click below to download our MAG box Time settings instruction sheet 

Setting the time on your MAG box

Loading Channels 

ADDING PORTAL URL / Server Address To  a MAG Device


How to enter the MAG box portal URL


So at this stage you should have been given your Portal URL or IPTV server portal URL to enter to you Mag Box. The Portal URL is the Web address of your providers Servers


Quick Guide:

How to enter our portal address Mag Boxes only:


2) Scroll down to SYSTEM SETTINGS and click.

3) Then go to SERVERS and click

4) Then Portals and click

5) Then enter our Portal URL / server Address:

6) Once you have entered our address you will need to reboot your device 


 download our instruction sheet on How to add the Portal URL 

Here is a detailed Guide on How To Install The Portal URL to your MAG  box


MAg box Settings Icon

Step 1)

Clicking on Settings cog will take you to the list of available options to choose from.

System Settings

MAG STB system settings

Step 2) 

Now choose System Settings to open a new popup menu with more options.


MAG box Server page

Step 3) 

You now need to go to server and click on it to open another popup menu page and there are some more options to be chosen.


MAG box portals page

Step 4)

in the servers menu we will see another option called Portals. Click on the word Portals and this will now take you to the portals setting page where you can enter our Portal URL / Server address.


Enter the Portal URL / Address

Enter Your IPTV suppliers Portal URL

Step 5) 

In the Portal Details page you will see 4 areas where you can click and input details. They are:  Portal 1 Name / Portal 1 URL  and   Portal 2 name / Portal 2 URL.

You will now need to call the Keyboard up on your mag remote control to input the next bit of information.


In the area Portal 1 Name: You can type any name you would like we suggest 'Expat IPTV' but you can change this if you wish.


In the box below this you will see Portal 1 URL. Now this area needs to be typed exactly the same as the address has been given to you. In this case, you type our Portal URL / Server address which is

Once you have entered our Portal URL, then you can click OK to save the settings and then Exit.

If You are having a free trial with us, then there is a chance that you are thinking of switching as are not happy with your current IPTV provider. If this is the case, your current IPTV provider are already using portal 1. So you can leave portal 1 as you found it and go to Portal 2 and follow the same instructions that we have given for portal 1.


Restart Portal

Reset the MAG portal

Step 6 ) 

After adding the portal correctly and saving the settings, Exit to the main Settings option and then click on Restart Portal. Your screen should switch to the portal loading screen.

Loading Portal

MAG box Loading screen

Step 7 ) 

If You now see the Loading Portal Page, Then you have successfully loaded the portal address.  

Loading The Portal URL Video walk through 

Navigate your way around thousands of channels

IPTV free Trial MAG box

Once the Portal has loaded, You will then see that the Mag box has opened with your channels loaded. You can now scroll up and down through channel category's like UK channels, USA channels, Sports Channels , Documentary Channels, Movie channels and News Channels to name a few.  Also you can switch left to right to switch from Live TV to Movies on Demand, TV shows on Demand, settings, internet browser and more.

Portal Loading Errors and possible causes

STB blocked screen MAG Box


If you have any error appear like page loading error, Your STB is blocked. Call the provider or device not supported.

Here is some possible causes and hopefully solutions to your problem. 


STB is Blocked. Call the provider    STB (SET TOP BOX)

This could be a few things.

1st Check that you have entered our Portal URL correctly .

2nd We might not have not entered your correct Mac address,

3rd Your Trial might have already Expired as we only give 24 hours for testing,

4th  If you have Just purchased credit, we may have not have added your credit to your mag box yet.

5th It could be that your credit has expired and you need to top up again.




MAG box Page Loading error

Page loading Error

The Page Loading error can be caused by a few things. 

1st possibility could be that you simply have no internet connection. if this is the case, check your connection ie; cables, router, internet provider 

2nd possibility could be that the portal is down. From time to time our portals need updating. this can cause a temporary outage. This would normally happen once or twice a year and normally no longer than 15 minutes.

3rd possibility is that you are connected to your router via WiFi. in this case, check that your box has good WiFi connection and that no other WiFi signals are interrupting the strength of signal.

MAG box device not supported

Device Not supported.

If Your device is a brand new MAG box model which has not had its code loaded to our server then your mag box would not be supported yet.  Until we load the code to our servers then your device will not work. This can take up to 2 weeks of a brand new mag boxes coming to the market and being tested and cleared as OK.

Playback errors and buffering

MAG box emulator for android

There could be a few things that cause your TV streams to buffer. Here we have a few possibilities.

1) poor internet connection, check your download speed with Speed checker. If it is low, try a lower (sd) stream as we cover Sd streams for low internet clients. Hd for medium speed clients and full 1080p HD channels for high speed internet clients.

2) The LAN Cable connection to the router could also be a problem. If streams have been fine but they are now stop starting every 2 minutes then chances are that your ethernet / LAN cable is Playing up or the router port is not functioning correctly. Please note that it is rarely the mag box that is faulty. You can check the cable and port connection by changing ports on your router or changing your ethernet cable. You will be surprised at how often this problem is over looked.

3) It could be that we simply have a stream down. Check a different stream and if your other streams are working fine, let us know which channel is playing up and we will fix it as soon as we can.

4) your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking service or a certain stream, If you ISP starts to block a stream, then you can unplug your router and mag box and restart both, this should reload the portal with a fresh stream which is unblocked by your ISP. If you notice that your ISP has started blocking you on a regular bases, then maybe you could consider a VPN router for you Mag box. This would route your stream away from your ISP so it would not get blocked. We recommend the VPN service from LibertyShield and Our customers benefit of a 10% discount on their first orders. To find out what product to use and how to connect your mag box, Visit Our LibertyShield webpage  and get your coupon code for 10% off

Buffering and how to stop it. 

Advanced settings on a MAG box

If you have Tried all your possible options to stop buffering on your MAG box but you are still getting streams stopping frequently, Then we have one more option for you. 

Buffer Size! 

This setting allows your MAG box to store more content before it plays it back. The idea is that if you have an internet stream which is jumpy, by allowing your MAG box to store more content before it plays it back, should overcome the poor internet connection by allowing the stream to catch up in good spells of download speed. Please not that this setting will delay playback by a few seconds or more depending on how you set it. 

Here is how to adjust the buffer size. 

1) Using the remote control , Press the Menu Button. 

2) Scroll across to Settings and press the OK button

3) Then Scroll down to Advanced Settings and press the OK button

4) Where it say 'Buffer Size' click the right arrow on your remote once.

you will now see that the Buffer Size has increased  by one block

5) Click OK on your remote then Exit and Exit again. 

6) Now check your playback.

If you are still seeing that the picture is freezing, repeat the process again. Just add 1 block at a time until the playback is stable and running smoothly.

By adding too much Buffer Size, You will have to wait longer for a stream to load. 

Download our Buffer size instruction sheet PDF 

How to Add Favourite Channels to your MAG box
 Using the Yellow and Green buttons on the MAG remote 

Save channels to favourites on your mag box
Favourite Star on the Mag box
adding favourite channels on your MAG box
change favourite channels on your mag box

Watch Our Demo Video on How to Load Channels to your Favourite selection and how to switch to Favourites channels 

Android Box or Linux MAG box?


Android box or MAG box

In one hand you have today's Android TV boxes that are getting larger storage space, faster processing chips and software apps, that are designed to emulate the MAG Box layout and operating system. In the other hand you have the very competitive price of The MAG family of boxes, All which will deliver a very good picture. To add to that you have infomirs build quality which is also excellent and a lot of positives for the mag corner.

So which Box is Best? 

Android TV Boxes

Android BOX MX10 and remote

Android TV Boxes run on the same software as most mobile phones and also have apps that can be installed by the owner to customise their own Android TV experience. They can connect with others android devices and also be used for social media, web browsing and a lot more. A down side for android TV boxes, is that there are so many to choose from and a lot of Chinese 'rip off' copied boxes on the market which will only last a couple of years at most.  Choosing a bad android box can be easily done as many people think that they are buying a cheap box at a bargain price, when in reality they are throwing their money away buying a cheap copy.  If you do not research what you are buying then you are bound to be caught out at some point.

A very big plus side for android TV boxes is that You can install many more things onto an android box, turning them into an entertainment system rather than just a TV Set TOP box. If you purchase a Top End quality box, which will set you back around €400-€500, then you pretty much have turned your TV into a home family computer with Gaming capabilities and much more.

For TV streaming, you should expect to pay anywhere between €100- €300 for a quality box. 

Memory and speed of processor are key to having a good android box. With the amount of apps that can be installed easily onto an android box from Googles app store or from Aptoide then a box with more memory is better. As a full memory will slow the box down.


Linux MAG box

Linux MAG box


The Linux MAG box is a sturdy piece of kit and as we have said before It is built by infomir and built for 1 purpose.  That purpose is for TV channel streaming. It does this very well and infomir have kept the MAG series up to date with new designed boxes and features and better performance. Their top end boxes like the MAG 349 also have built in WiFi receivers to connect to the internet. 

The MAG box down side is that there is no free content and you need an IPTV provider to gain channels and movies to your MAG box. Also  the fact that they are not android based and that they can not download apps as the Android boxes can. They do have Internet browsing capability and YouTube but for most MAG box owners, these never get a look at.


MAG box or Android TV box

So MAG Box or Android TV box?

Choosing between a MAG Box and Android Box comes down to the end users personal preference.

Assuming that you are going to have your TV service supplied via a Paid IPTV service and that you want a Simple, Very Easy to Navigate TV box with a remote control similar to your old TV system, then it would be a MAG box all the way. 

If you want to personalise your TV experience and add a load of free content to view on your TV, like unlimited movies and TV shows or gaming and social media apps on your TV,  Then it would be a good quality Android Box.

What ever system Your Choose, We have you covered and can deliver a great IPTV service to you.

For a free trial Contact us Today

Its hard to choose between to two

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