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FilmON TV is no longer a free app and is Now Charging €14.95 per month, If you would still like to use filmon then you would need to Pay thier monthly subscription. or restart the TV stream every 2 mins.  

Watching UK TV abroad is really easy with the right app. So Smart TV in Spain has got the app for you. Its free to use and also has a free one hour recording facility which can be over recorded once you have watched your recorded program.  

With our app you can watch Live TV abroad from over 200 LIVE TV Channels for free in SD. You can watch on Apps on any android device or stream over the Web for free, over 500 video on demand (VOD) Channels! We host over 45,000 video on demand Web TV titles that have been cleared for worldwide distribution. Live Sports, News, Movies and great free streaming TV Entertainment including TMZ Live, The Best of UFC, The Soup and many more. These are all from providers like CNN, Disney, ESPN Fuel, CBS, Discovery, Fox and NBC, BBC, RAI, FRANCE and many more!

First install the app on your device 

Download the app here. UK TV App 

So you now Have your UK TV downloaded on your android device, Smart TV or on your computer. 

<-------Your New Icon on your android device will look like this.  

Please Note. You will need access to the internet/wifi with download speeds of 2Mbps+ to stream these channels. so Please check your internet speeds and with your internet provider for your usage rates whilst abroad, and check that you have unlimited usage. 

Opening the app for the first time

Once you open the app for the first time,we recommend that you register it with us, you will find the registry page in the settings bar, top left. (top right if you have the older app version 2.0.74) 

Watch all your favourite Free View UK TV channels whilst abroad in Spain and and the rest of Europe for free.  There is also 1 hour of free recording space per month as a free bonus for registry of the app. (extra hours are available to purchase if required).

HD FREE TRIAL.  (every 2 mins now until paid)

**If you get the (TRIAL PERIOD EXPIRED) message pop up on your screen, Just click your app back to low/FREE. It can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen. It just means that as a free user the app has switched you over to the HD TRIAL. sometimes if you have the minimum internet speeds of 2Mbps, you may start to experience buffering. 

1 Hour of free recording per month is available when you register your app with us.

This app has a free 1 hour of re-usable recording space per month (like recording over a 1 hour VHS Tape if you can remember them). The Recording facility is only activated when you register with us. if you want more recording space you can buy 3 hours of space per month for just €5 or 10 hours for only €9.95 per month. once your space is full just watch and then delete your recordings to free up your space.

HD Streaming. ##

This app also lets you view all channels and Video on demand in HD for just €14.95 per month with no additional ads. This price also includes 10 hours of recording per month.

All paid packages can be found in the settings/subscriptions bar. You can sign in on any device with your username and passwords which means you can take your recordings with you where ever you are.

## Before paying for the HD version of our App, We recommend that you try our IPTV service  Expat IPTV It will give you a lot more channels including premium sports channels and movie channels for just €17.50 per month. You can Try our Expat IPTV service for free. just fill in our web-form and ask for the free trial. Please note that our Expat IPTV service does not have a recording facility.  

Free Service. (This app no longer has a free service and is a pay only app) 

Please don't forget that if you choose to Stay with our Free service, you will occasionally get some ads pre-viewing of your chosen channel and will also occasionally be switched to the HD high definition setting for a free trial period, So if you get the TRIAL PERIOD EXPIRED notice across your screen, All you need to do is switch it back to SD/FREE which can be found on the top right of your playing channel (above the volume control). 

Here is a list of all the channels available with our Expat IPTV service Click here


Here are some screen shots to explain our app a little more. 

HD Trials for Filmon are now only 2 mins. You can have a free trial of Expat IPTV for 2 days Expat IPTV more info