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Before you Install the Mag Emulator to your android device, Please note that we now have our own android Expat IPTV app which gives you a full EPG and an easy to use format and it only requires a username and password so it is very easy to set up too.
you can download our Expat IPTV app here Direct Downlod

How to install the Mag Emulator on your android device. 

This Mag emulator will give you the best of both worlds. you will be able to run your current android box with your existing set up and you will be able to switch over to a mag set up with this mag emulator and have the smoothness of the Mag set up on your own android device. 

 Here is How...

First thing is to download the Apk File

Now Install the Apk file on your box and open it once installed

Your new app icon will look like this. 

You now need to change some settings

This how your app will open. But you will need to change some setting for this app to work as it comes pre-installed with an iptv service that is no longer working

In the top left of your screen you will see a menu tab (3 lines) you need to click them to access the drop down menu

You now need to click the STB configuration 

You now need to click the Portal URL and enter our portal address


You now need to make a note of your MAC address. and send it to us. so that we can enter you MAC address into our servers. With out this we can not switch you on and the app will give you an error message. 

the MAC address numbers will start:


contact us here

Adjusting the play back settings

Now return back to the first page and on the top right you will see 3 dots. Click these as we need to adjust some play back settings.

The video playback setting is on auto. We find switching it to internal player works great on our boxes but this may not be the case on your box so you may need to switch between the playback options to see what is best for your box. 

Your STB is blocked Call the provider.

If you see this message on your screen it means that we have not yet switched you on or your trial/subscription is up. you can close the app on your android device and reload it to reboot the portal. 

And that's it, your good to go!  Please remember that as this Mag box emulator uses your boxes MAC address it can not be switched to other android devices like the standard android service 

Here are some screen shots of this Mag box emulator in action.

Please remember, This is Free to Try 

This service is free to try, after if you wish to take up our offer of IPTV then it is just €17.50 per month with no need to buy for the year.If you want to use our iptv service for just 1 month or alternate months its fine.  We are currently adding a catch up service to our channels only a handful of channels have this at the moment but we are currently adding more.