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You can access our Expat IPTV service all around the world, on any device, where you want and when you want!

You are at the right place if you want to watch Live HD TV from around the world. Expat IPTV not only lets you watch TV in Spain But also Worldwide, at an affordable price . The only thing you need is an internet connection and a device to view Expat IPTV on.

Say good bye to the old satellite dish!

Our service is available worldwide, Have we already mentioned that?   We offer a connection to over 3500+ channels, Movies and TV shows on demand. Expat IPTV will connect you to premium HD TV channels, the latest movies on demand and Live TV with EPG, You can take a look at our channel list Here to get a better overview of what we offer.

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Take a 24 hour free trial first. We will connect you for 24 hours to a device of your choice.  Your free trial will start when we send you a confirmation e-mail. We will include all instruction on how to watch on a variety of devices, AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE

Plus Our service does not sign you up for long periods as you only purchase credit for the connection on a pay as you go bases. A minimum connection time is one month.  You can purchase to connect for one or more months as you please.

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No Need to miss your favourite TV show again.

If you are missing your TV Channels from home then our Expat IPTV service is for you, as it will give you back your TV channels that you have missed. 

You can watch these channels on any device as long as you have an internet connection. Accessing your home TV while you are in Spain has never been easier.

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Take a look at our Videos to see what you can expect from our Expat IPTV service