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Free UK TV in Spain with no monthly Fee.

UK TV Channels for free in Spain
Our Android TV boxes now come with a VPN so that you can watch your Home TV channels. We do not broadcast or sell TV channels, We are selling a TV box that will Give you a TV connection to Channels that are freely available through the Internet. 

Here are some of the channels that are available to watch and for FREE on the Smart TV in Spain Smart TV Box:

Live TV:

BBC One, BBC 1 North Ireland, BBC Two, BBC Parliament, CBEEBIES/BBC Four, CBBC/BBC Three, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV1, Dave, ITV2, QUEST, E4, Yesterday, CBS Reality+1, CBS Reality, CBS Drama, ITV3, ITV4, ITV4+1, ITV+1, ITV2+1, ITV3+1, More4, Really, 5USA, Pick TV, 
There are also many sports channels to access too. 

***Please note that 2Mbps are required to stream standard channels and 5Mbps + are required for HD Streams. Most movies will stream on 2Mbps. And please check that your internet provider gives you unlimited internet.

Our UK TV in Spain box is more than Just live TV!

UK TV and Movies for free in Spain
How do we Get so many Free TV Shows and Movies on one Tiny little Box?

Our boxes do not store or hold Movies or TV Shows on the box and we do not distribute movies or TV shows. What we do at Smart TV in Spain is supply you with an android TV box which is Fully up to date with all the latest apps and content to provide you with movies and TV shows at the click of a button, which are freely available to watch on the internet. We give you what you want and when you want to watch it, 

This means No more sitting on the internet trying to find a good copy of a movie or TV show, No more waiting for Movies to Download, No need to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or PC, No more unwanted Viruses or pop ups that have been unintentionally downloaded to your PC and no more of having to connect your laptop or PC to the TV with miles of cable across the room so you can watch a Movie or TV show, only to find you have downloaded the wrong one.   

Its Not Just Movies and TV Shows

Our boxes do not just give you TV shows and Movies for free. They also give you free live TV channels from around the world including your UK TV channels, Free sports channels , Free documentaries to watch on demand and Free Cartoons on demand.
Also the box works like a mini PC on your TV. This means you will be able to browse the internet, have access to your emails on your TV, view your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, watch YouTube on your TV, Listen to any radio station from around the world, play games online and link your gmail and other accounts to your new box if you wish to.

Our Smart UK TV Box is still the best in Spain.

Every week we deal with a number of clients that have purchased lesser systems from other suppliers of UK TV in Spain that are not happy with what the other suppliers have promised and then supplied. Gladly we deliver what we say we will and as yet have not come across another supplier of  UK TV Boxes that have so much content available on their UK TV Boxes as we do, for Free.
We have heard of other UK TV Suppliers charging anything from €250-€600 for their boxes, plus in addition of monthly service charges of between €25-€55 per month.

Please remember our boxes are just €150 for our cuad core box and just €200 for our quad core box 32GB ( both boxes can access exactly the same channels via the VPN and other apps). There is no monthly fee for our Freeview box with VPN and all the content on our boxes is Freely available on the web. 

We Now Offer Our Expat IPTV service with every box and give a 1 month free trial:

Expat IPTV gives you access to premium channels for just €15 per month when used with our Expat IPTV app. Our android TV boxes come with one month free trial. 


Expat IPTV is now available as a Pay Monthly service 

and will Work on any device

We have now launched Expat IPTV as a stand alone way to view HD TV channels or as an Extra add-on to our free to view boxes. We charge the small connection fee of just €17 .50 per month for all devices for this service or just €15 for our Expat IPTV app .  to find out more information click here