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Free Movies and TV Shows

Our Smart TV boxes that we supply at Smart TV in Spain give you access to all the latest TV Shows, Movies and Box sets to watch on your own TV for Free!. This could save you the cost of purchasing one of our boxes in months. With no need to rent out or buy videos or DVDs anymore,  it also means you will not need your video or DVD players or collections any more which could also save you a lot of space in your home and no more need to pay for movie channels any more as on one of our boxes, you would probably have already seen the movie or TV show that is just coming out on your paid Channel.

 Just a few of the UK TV Shows and Movies that can be found for Free on our Boxes

watch Free TV shows and movies on your TV

Some of the box sets that you can watch on your TV for Free

Free Movies and TV shows avialable on your TV

No Monthly Fee to Pay... Ever

Our Basic Package Smart TV Boxes have no Monthly Fee to Pay ever. 

We get asked a lot of the time why we don't charge the high monthly fees that other companies charge for their TV boxes. Our answer is simple... We could, but we just choose not to. 

Our android TV boxes are packed full of the latest movie links and apps which means you will get the most recent movie and TV shows for Free.  The Movies and TV Shows generally will have three playback options of 360p, 720p and 1080p  so if your internet quality is slow you can select a lower quality. alternatively you can select the full 1080p and pause the Movie or TV show, this would Buffer the movie to the boxes built in cache memory and allow you to watch your chosen movie or TV show with out it stopping and starting.  

Other suppliers of Movie and TV Show boxes charge monthly fees for this service but at Smart TV in Spain we will always fill our android boxes with apps and links to this free content.

So why do we have a paid IPTV service now?

IPTV apk direct download

Our IPTV service is for those that have bought a TV box and would like to watch Live TV channels in HD quality. Our free service gives access to Movie Channels like Sky Movies and Sky Action and all the sports channels in a very good quality but these channels are usually in SD/360p quality. As we have Movies on demand for free on our TV boxes we feel that an IPTV paid service is not necessary for most clients. 

For hardened sports fans that can not miss a football match or would like to have there TV back to the days when a full sky package was available in Spain, we offer our IPTV service at just €17.50 per month. It give you more channels than Sky TV offer, for a lot less money. find out more here 


How do we Get so many Free TV Shows and Movies on one Tiny little Box?

Our boxes do not store or hold Movies or TV Shows on the box and we do not distribute movies or TV shows. What we do at Smart TV in Spain is supply you with an android TV box which is Fully up to date with all the latest apps and content to provide you with movies and TV shows at the click of a button, which are freely available to watch on the internet Our boxes find the Movies and TV shows for you, and deliver them at a Click. We give you what you want and when you want to watch it and all for free.

This means No more sitting on the internet trying to find a good copy of a movie or TV show, No more waiting for Movies to Download, No need to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or PC, No more unwanted Viruses or pop ups that have been unintentionally downloaded to your PC and no more of having to connect your laptop or PC to the TV with miles of cable across the room so you can watch a Movie or TV show, only to find you have downloaded the wrong one.   

Its Not Just Movies and TV Shows

Our boxes do not just give you TV shows and Movies for free. They also give you free live TV channels from around the world including your UK channels, Free sports channels from around the world including SKY sports, BT Sports and other football and motor sports channels, Free documentaries to watch on demand, Free Cartoons on demand, radio stations from around the world and Free adult channels if you choose to have them.
Also the box works like a mini PC on your TV. This means you will be able to browse the internet, have access to your emails on your TV, view your social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter, watch youtube on your TV, Listen to any radio station from around the world, play games online and link your gmail and other accounts to your new box if you wish to.   And while we are on the social media bit; Please dont forget to like and share our website and facebook page.