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Expat IPTV is our new Pay monthly service which can be viewed on any device including android, ios, windows VLC player, IPTV apps, android TV box and Mag boxes and direct onto your Smart TV. We have designed our service to run as a stand alone service with the MAG range of boxes but it will also work directly onto your smart TV using the Smart IPTV app or with any android device using our new Expat IPTV app which has a full EPG the standard IPTV app or the Mag box emulator app that are available to download here Our Very own Expat IPTV player app which is now on version 1.4 and can be downloaded directly here and gives you the best way to watch our service on an android device.

Expat IPTV will give you a reliable and stable connection to over 2000 channels to watch in HD.  Plus  movies on demand and the Game of thrones series on demand. We have all Channels in HD and also some of the main channels streaming in 720p and 360p for clients with lower internet connection speeds. Expat IPTV  includes the full UK Sky packages, sports packages and TV Channels from around the world including USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Punjabi channels, Tamil Channels, Malayalam Channels, Kannada channels, Bengali channels and Marathi channels. We also have all 3 o'clock kick-offs, OSN Full Channel pack, NBA Channels, MLB Channels, NHL Channels and NFL Channels. 

With the recent loss of Free Filmon TV and also our very own affiliate app meaning to access any channels with Filmon it would cost you €14.95 per month for the standard freeview channel package. Also many providers are charging €25-€55 per month and asking you to pay for the full year up front. 

How much does it cost to Have Expat IPTV ? 

Not as much as you might think, We are charging as little as we possibly can but enough to cover our costs of our servers and fees. So we have set our price at the very competitive sum of just €17.50 per month which can be paid by PayPal.

We also only charge per month for Expat IPTV so if you are wanting to use our service for just 1 or 2 months of the year you can and we will not charge you for the months you have missed on your return. Expat IPTV pay monthly is also great if you want to watch your favourite sporting events like Wimbledon Tennis or just for the football season. If you want to purchase more months you can simply purchase the month multiple times and pay for as many months as you would like. 

Great news for Android owners!

Android users can now access our Expat IPTV service for just €15 per month when they use our android Expat IPTV app see below for more details.

Try our Expat IPTV service on your own device for free

MAG box owners, 

If you already own a MAG box then all you need to do is give us your MAC address and we can switch you on. 

You will then need to put our portal address into your Mag box and we give clear and easy instructions on how to do that once you ask for a trial and it only takes a few seconds to do. 

Android box owners

If you already own an android box, then you will need to install either the MAG box emulator and then give us the MAC address that the emulator gives you or install the IPTV apk and copy and paste the url code that we send you. If you are unsure in which app to use then let us know and we can advise you. 

Android Expat IPTV app (best option for android users)

We have created a brand new app for all android devices. The Expat IPTV Player. Expat IPTV player gives you easy access to our IPTV portal and is easy to install. It gives you access to over 2000 channels in 1080p HD and includes a UK Electronic Program Guide (EPG). The app is very user friendly with easy navigation through channels and TV guide.  We have built this app for use with our paid IPTV service to run on your android device Including android boxes. Our app requires only a username and password to login and best of all, We have reduced the price of our service to just €15 for Expat IPTV app users (normally €17.50 for normal portal connection) 

Download the Expat IPTV player here Expat IPTV app Direct Download

contact us For a free trial username and password Click here to contact us

Smart TV owners

if you are an owner of a Smart TV then you will need to install the Smart IPTV from your app store which the app owners charge a one time fee activation of €5.49 but there is a free trial period in which you can test the app on your Smart TV. Instructions for setting up the app on your TV can be found here

Computer owners

We now have our Expat IPTV app for Windows available to download. You can Download and install the app onto your windows computer from the link below. Then all you will need to then do is enter a username and password that we can give you. You can download our app for windows here. WINDOWS APP DOWNLOAD

The app is version 2.4 and is running really smoothly. Give it a try.

VLC Player option

If you are wanting to use our service on your computer but do not want to use our app, then you can do so using the VLC player which can be located here. 


watch IPTV anywhere

Our service works on any device and now works even better on android devices thanks to our new android app Expat IPTV download it today and request a free trial . You do do not need to copy and paste long URLs or M3u files with our new app. Just simply type in your username and password. It even has an EPG so you can see whats on. 

Try it for FREE on your own device

IPTV available on any device

Subscribed Channels. Pay monthly TV and Sport package.

Question: Do I need to purchase Expat IPTV with a Free to view box?.

Answer: No. Unless You insist that your picture is High definition to watch live TV like EastEnders or Coronation street or you are a sports fan that can't miss the 3 o'clock kickoff in HD then you don't really need to pay the monthly fee as all channels can be found on various apps that come installed on the free to view android boxes. Smart TV in Spain only sell Smart TV Boxes that have the most up to date software and apps that are available at the time. This means you can watch all UK free-view Channels at no extra charge. There are sports streams from Sky sports and BEin sport too so they are also for free. Want Netflix? you don't need it with Smart TV in Spain's smart TV Box. We have All the Movies and TV Shows what you want, when you want.

Question: Why pay If I can get the channels for free? 

Answer: AT Smart TV in Spain we have no control of the content that is available on the free apps that we install. Although the channels are all freely available on the various apps, they may not be in the same place the next time you look. Also although they are very good and watchable, they can become grainy and buffer from time to time.  Expat IPTV is totally different to the free apps in that it has set channels that you can select to favourites and also comes with and EPG so that you know whats on and what is to be shown. Also most of our channels are available in 720p for slower internet connections and 1080p HD for faster internet connections.  If you want all your TV channels to be in one app and the same place and running with a Sky Style interface, We Have our very own Android app that works very well and will give you all your streams in HD for Only €15.00 (Only with our android app and €17.50 for all other connections ie;Smart TV and Mag box...)  . The server running these streams has a limited number of spaces available and has 99.99% no buffering if you have a good internet connections. If you would like to know more about this package please fill out our web-form and we will get back to you. To find out how to Install Expat IPTV on your device click here

We Give You Two Options for your TV Viewing

Option 1: Free-view TV Box Package.

We have the best free view package available in Spain, with Live UK Channels, Live Spanish Channels, the latest Movies on demand, the latest TV series on Demand, Full Sports Pack, Radio and much more with no monthly Fees, Ever!  Our boxes Start at just €150. Our Free-view boxes now come pre-installed with our Expat IPTV app and we can give a free trial once you are ready to use it. At only €15 per month (when used with our Expat IPTV app)  Expat iptv is a great way to enjoy uninterrupted live TV. 

Option 2: Expat IPTV Pay Monthly Package.

We Now offer a Monthly IPTV package for just €17.50  (Only €15 when used with our Expat IPTV android app) free trials always available

Unlike most IPTV services, our Expat IPTV system is designed to run alongside our free-view package. This gives you the best of both worlds. Our system has all live channels in HD and you can also access the latest Movies and TV shows on Demand with everything else our free-view package has to offer. We don't tie you in to long contracts and we can give a free one day trial too, so you can try it along side our free-view package. More information here

Full Channel List here

Cut price IPTV service

Here is the list of just some Channels that Expat IPTV provides.

All these Channels for Just €17.50 

BT Sports 1 HD+

BT Sports 2 HD+

SkySports 1 HD+

SkySports 2 HD+

SkySports 3 HD+

SkySports 4 HD+

SkySports 5 HD+

SkySports F1 HD+

SkySports News HD+

Bt Sports 1 HD Beta

Bt Sports 2 HD Beta

SkySports 1 HD Beta

SkySports 2 HD Beta

SkySports 3 HD Beta

SkySports 4 HD Beta

SkySports 5 HD Beta

SkySports F1 HD Beta

SkySports News HD Beta

Bt Sports 1

Bt Sports 2

SkySports 1

SkySports 2

SkySports 3

SkySports 4

SkySports 5

SkySports F1

SkySports News

Bt Sports 1 (Backup)

Bt Sports 2 (Backup)

SkySports 1 (Backup)

SkySports 2 (Backup)

SkySports 3 (Backup)

SkySports 4 (Backup)

SkySports 5 (Backup)

SkySports F1 (Backup)

SkySports News (Backup)







Setanta Sports

Canal +

NBC Sports

SportsNet World

SportsNet Ontario

SportsNet One

Premier Sports

Premier Sports (Backup)


Motors TV UK

Eurosport 1

Eurosport 2

Racing UK HD

Racing UK

Boxnation HD

Box Nation




Fox Sports 1 USA

Fox Sports 2 USA

At The Races

Pac 12 Network

Golf Channel

NFL Network

Willow Tv (Cricket)

CTH Stadium 1 HD

CTH Stadium 2 HD

CTH Stadium 3 HD

CTH Stadium 4 HD

CTH Stadium 5 HD

CTH Stadium 6 HD

CTH Stadium X HD

Sport Tv 1

Sport Tv 2

Sport Tv 3

Sport Tv 4

Sport Tv 5

Star Sports 1

Star Sports 2

Star Sports 4

Ten Cricket

Ten Sports

Ten Action

Bein Sports USA

Bein Sports 1 FR

Bein Sports 2 FR

Bein Sports 3 FR

Bein Max 4

Bein Max 5

Bein Sports 1 HD Beta

Bein Sports 2 HD Beta

Bein Sports 3 HD Beta

Bein Sports 4 HD Beta

Bein Sports 5 HD Beta

Bein Sports 6 HD Beta

Bein Sports 7 HD Beta

Bein Sports 8 HD Beta

Bein Sports 9 HD Beta

Bein Sports 10 HD Beta

Bein Sports 11 HD Beta

Bein Sports 12 HD Beta

Bein Sports 13 HD Beta

Bein Sports 14 HD Beta

Bein Sports 15 HD Beta

Bein Sports 16 HD Beta

Bein Sports 1 HD

Bein Sports 2 HD

Bein Sports 3 HD

Bein Sports 4 HD

Bein Sports 5 HD

Bein Sports 6 HD

Bein Sports 7 HD

Bein Sports 8 HD

Bein Sports 9 HD

Bein Sports 10 HD

Bein Sports 11 HD

Bein Sports 12 HD

Bein Sports 1 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 2 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 3 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 4 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 5 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 6 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 7 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 8 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 9 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 10 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 11 LQ Backup

Bein Sports 12 LQ Backup

OSN Sports 1 SD

OSN Sports 2 SD

OSN Sports 3 SD

OSN Sports 4 SD

OSN Sports Cricket

NTV Football 1

NTV Football 2

NTV Football 3

Canal + Sport

Canal+ Deportes

Canal+ Liga

Canal+ Liga Campeones 1

Arena Sports 1 SD Croatian

Arena Sports 2 SD Croatian

Arena Sports 3 SD Croatian

Arena Sports 4 SD Croatian

Arena Sports 1 Serbia

Arena Sports 2 Serbia

Arena Sports 3 Serbia

Arena Sports 4 Serbia

Sport Klub 1 HD

Sport Klub 2 HD

Sport Klub 3 HD

Super Sport 1 HD

Super Sport 2 HD

Super Sport 3 HD

Sky Sport 1 HD Italy

Sky Sport 2 HD Italy

Sky Sport 3 HD Italy

Sky Sport F1 HD Italy

Sky Sport 24 HD Italy

Sky Moto GP HD Italy

Sky Sport 1 HD Deutch Germany

Sky Sport 2 HD Deutch Germany

Sky Bundesliga HD1

Sky Bundesliga HD2

Sky Bundesliga HD3

Sky Bundesliga HD4

Sky Bundesliga HD5

Sky Bundesliga HD9

Sky Bundesliga HD8

Sky Bundesliga HD7

Sky Bundesliga HD6

Sky Bundesliga HD10











OSN Movies

OSN Movies +2

OSN First More

OSN First HD

OSN Drama

OSN Comedy

OSN Yahala HD

OSN Yahala

OSN Yahala +2

OSN Yahala Shabab

OSN Yahala Drama

Fox News

CNN News

Al Jazeera English


India Tv News

ABP News

Aajtak News

Zee News


Star Plus Usa

Star Plus (UK)

Star Plus

Star Movies


Sony Six

Sony HD Usa

Sony HD


Movies Ok

Life Ok



Disney Channel

Discovery Kids

Colors Usa


B4U Movies

9XM Music

9X Jalwa Music


Zee Zing

Zee Tv

Zee Living HD

Zee Khana Khazana

Channel 1 (not 24x7)

Channel 2 (not 24x7)

Channel 3 (not 24x7)

Channel 4 (not 24x7)

Channel 5 (not 24x7)

Channel 6 (not 24x7)

Channel 7 (not 24x7)

Channel 8 (not 24x7)

Channel 9 (not 24x7)

Channel 10 (not 24x7)

Channel 11 (not 24x7)

Channel 12 (not 24x7)

Channel 13 (not 24x7)

Channel 14 (not 24x7)

Channel 15 (not 24x7)

Channel 16 (not 24x7)

Channel 17 (not 24x7)

Channel 18 (not 24x7)

Channel 19 (not 24x7)

Channel 20 (not 24x7)

Channel 21 (not 24x7)

Channel 22 (not 24x7)

Channel 23 (not 24x7)

Channel 24 (not 24x7)

Channel 25 (not 24x7)

Channel 26 (not 24x7)

Channel 27 (not 24x7)

Channel 28 (not 24x7)

Channel 29 (not 24x7)

Channel 30 (not 24x7)

We have over 3000 live channels so we can not list them all here. 

CLICK Here Full list of channels

Animal Planet UK

Discovery Investigation UK

Discovery Home UK

Discovery Culture UK

Discovery 1 UK

Nat Geo Wild UK

Nat Geo UK

Nat Geo 1 UK

Nick Junior UK

Nick Junior 1 UK

Disney XD UK

Disney XD 1 UK

Disney Junior UK

Disney Junior 1 UK

Disney Channel UK

Disney Channel 1 UK

SKY Cartoonito UK

SKY Nicktoons UK

SKY Nicklelodeon UK

SKY Discovery UK

SKY Discovery Science UK

SKY Discovery History UK

Sky Movie (Action&Adventure)

Sky Movie (Select)

Sky Movie (SciFi&Horror)

Sky Movie (Premiere)

Sky Movie (Modern Greats)

Sky Movie (Family)

Sky Movie (Drama)

Sky Movie (Crime&Thriller)

Sky Movie (Comedy)

Sky Movie (ShowCase)

Sky Movie (Disney)

Sky Atlantic

Sky Living

Sky One

Sky Two

Sky Arts 1

Sky Arts 2

Channel 4

Channel 5


Comedy Central

Comedy Central Extra

Channel 1 Plus

Channel 2 Plus

Channel 3 Plus

Channel 4 Plus

Channel 5 Plus

Channel 6 Plus

Channel 7 Plus

Channel 8 Plus

Channel 9 Plus

Channel 10 Plus

Channel 11 Plus

Channel 12 Plus

Channel 13 Plus

Channel 14 Plus

Channel 15 Plus

Channel 16 Plus

Channel 17 Plus

Channel 18 Plus

Channel 19 Plus

Channel 20 Plus

Channel 21 Plus
























































Our packages available are 1, 3, 6 and 12 months and are payable by cash or PayPal

You will also get all our free features with this package like all the latest on-demand movie and TV shows, Free Sports Channels, Radio and much more. 


You can also have a Free 1 day trial of our IPTV package before you even purchase one of our boxes as it will run on any device including Windows, Mac and Android 

Fill out our web form and state free trial in your message and we will send you a 1 day free trial link.


Mag Box owners 

If you have recently ordered or own a Mag250 or any other Mag box, We can offer this Pay Monthly deal to you with no need to purchase one of our boxes and no extra set up fees.