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Smart TV in Spain offer many services. If you need a new viewing box for your TV connection or you are looking for the best IPTV service that works worldwide, Then you have come to the right place.

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Need a Set Top box? Try our Android TV box they come with more content than a Mag box

Smart TV in Spain have the Smartest android TV/ Mini PC computer boxes available in Spain. These boxes are very discrete, so you will not be having to move the video, DVD or sky box around to fit them in. You may just want to get rid of the fore mentioned as you will no longer need to use them.

The Smart boxes are running the latest software and will turn your current flat screen TV into a Smart TV at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. You will have access to all the latest movie releases, Box Sets, and any old movie you wish to watch all for free. You will also have access to all live sports channels, UK TV Channels including BBC channels and Channel 5 .  See our Free channel list at the bottom of this page

As the Smart TV boxes run the latest android system you will be able to use your TV like a Smartphone also. This means having the internet, YouTube, photo sharing, Facebook  and all your favourite phone games,  All on the big screen in your living room. You will also be able to catch-up on your favourite episodes, like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones,Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, C.S.I., Sopranos, House, Top Gear, The Office, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Two and a Half Men, Friends and many, many, many more at the click of a button.

Free VPN. Our android Boxes now have a free VPN installed so that our clients can also have access to BBC iPlayer and other apps that are normally only available to UK residents. 


So what do you need to have a Smart TV  Box installed in your home:


  • A TV that has a HDMI port.  
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection with a signal that reaches your TV or you can run a Lan/Ethernet cable to your TV set.  I have tested these Smart TV boxes on Iberbander and Connecta4 running at 2Mbps and they are working fine and our New range of TV boxes now incorporate H.265 High efficiency video coding meaning they need 70-80% less internet to stream a video source.

Also you may want to link your phone apps to your Smart TV Box for this you will need: 

  • A Google email account. ie: (if you don't have one, this takes just minutes for you to set up)

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We can now deliver to anywhere in the world.

Also, You can now add our Premium service Expat IPTV to your freeview box. As a bonus, we have reduced the cost of our Expat IPTV service to just €15 per month to our Android box owners. The app is available to install from the Top of this page and free trials are also available. 

IPTV free trial service

Our Pay Monthly Service is here.
Expat IPTV

install iptv on any device

Works on Any Device and worldwide

Expat IPTV is our premium Pay as you Go IPTV service that has been designed to work alongside our android TV boxes. It works worldwide and has 1080p HD channels from around the world. It will also work on Mag boxes, Smart TV's, ZGemma devices, ios, Android devices and more. We give a 24 hour free trial of our Expat IPTV service. 

Expat IPTV pricing

Expat iptv can be purchased monthly. You can purchase 1 or more months credit for this service at any time. You can top up credit to your account at any time and each month gets added to your existing credit. Once you purchase your first months credit, we will send you your expiry date. We advise all Expat IPTV members to purchase Top up Credit at least 24 hours before your credit runs out to avoid a break in service.

1 months Credit 
Expat IPTV app for android
 other android apps
 Mag box connection
 VLC player
 Smart TV connection 
 3 months Connection (Mag,VLC,Smart TV,Android)
3 months connection  Expat IPTV app
 12  months Connection (Mag,VLC,Smart TV,Android)
 Now €185    €192.5
 12  months connection  Expat IPTV app
 2 device in 1 month  (Mag,VLC,Smart TV,Android)
 2 device in 1 month Expat IPTV app
 More than 2 devices
 Please ask for price

Payment Method

You can choose to purchase monthly though our web store. We do not set up direct debits as our service is Pay as You Go. Once you purchase credit or top up your credit, We will send you a confirmation and a new expiry date so that you can make a note and purchase more credit as you please. 

PayPal as our chosen payment platform but you can choose to pay with your debit or credit cards as a guest in the checkout area. 

Try Expat IPTV For FREE

Showing All Sports from around the world

Our IPTV service connects you to over 3000 channels with the full 1080p HD UK TV package, sports packages and TV Channels from around the world including USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Punjabi channels, Tamil Channels, Malayalam Channels, Kannada channels, Bengali channels and Marathi channels. We also have all 3 o'clock kick-offs, EPL Channels, OSN Full Channel pack, NBA Channels, MLB Channels, NHL Channels and NFL Channels 

New to 2019 we have included Video on Demand

     Click me for a free trial                      Click me to find out more

          Click me for our Full Expat IPTV channel list  

Expat IPTV Android App Demo Video

 Expat IPTV app for android (iOS coming soon)

Less than 50 cents per day

After the success of the launch of our android App, The Expat IPTV Player. We Have now decided to Launch the same app for iOS devices. This should be ready towards the end of January 2019 and will be available to download onto your iOS devices from the app store. 

Expat IPTV player gives you easy access to our IPTV portal and is easy to install. It gives you access to over 3000 channels in 1080p HD and includes a UK Electronic Program Guide (EPG) so you know what's on when. The app is very user friendly with easy navigation through channels and TV guide.  We have built this app for use with our paid IPTV service to run on your android device Including android boxes. Our app only requires a username and password to login and best of all We have reduced the price of our service to just €15 for Expat IPTV app users (normally €17.50 for normal portal connection) 

Download the Expat IPTV player For android here Direct Download

contact us For a free trial on any device or a username and password for the Expat IPTV app

Our box prices are €150 for our quad core Smart TV Box , €200 for our mid range quad core Smart TV android box or €250 for our ultimate Android TV Box with Super Price to Performance Ratio .

All boxes come fully loaded with the latest software and apps and the option to take up our  Expat IPTV monthly subscription at any time. We now include a 1 month free trial of our Expat IPTV service with every box.

We now also include a free VPN with our android TV boxes

Our Android Mini PC's can be Purchased from our web store CLICK ME FOR WEB STORE 

Our Android TV boxes now support 4K streaming 

4K Playback on Android TV

Our Service Works Worldwide 

Why not tell your friends back in the UK about Smart TV in Spain? 

With SKY Sports packages starting from £56 per month with sports back in the UK, your friends will be pleased to hear that for Just €17.50 per month they can enjoy Full 1080p HD channels and Sports from around the world including all sporting events with our Expat IPTV service. 

Take a Look at our New Pay Monthly HD IPTV Package  

We can Now offer an excellent TV Package called Expat IPTV for only €17.50 per month including I.V.A all channels are in HD with no buffering. Click the link to see our full Channel list. 

Please note. Our Pay Monthly HD IPTV Package now works anywhere in the world. 


You can also have a Free trial of our Expat IPTV package before you even purchase one of our boxes as it will run on any device including Windows, Mac and Android (more information here)

Fill out our web form and state free trial in your message and we will send you a 1 day free trial link.

Our Free trial offer is only be available from Monday to Friday.  You can now enjoy our free Expat IPTV trials on weekends too. 

Expat IPTV direct to your Smart TV without the need for a Box

Smart IPTV app for Smart TV's

You can now enjoy Expat IPTV  directly on your Smart TV  via the Smart IPTV app. It is simple to set up and you can try it for free. Enjoy all sports channels and UK TV. to find out more take a look at our IPTV installation page and request a free trial. 

Channel list. 

IPTV now available for iOS devices

Our New Built in software reduces Buffering 

Hevc now on MAG box

H.265 video encoding can reduce the bandwidth needed to stream the video source by 70-80%. to test this we streamed a 1080p HD Movie from start to finish with an intermittent stream of 3 mbps to 3.65mbps and had no buffering or judder what so ever. (We wont say the name of the movie for copyright reasons, but it was the one where the American guy had a sniper rifle).  

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Content available on our free view box 

Free Live Sports Channels in sd, Free TV Shows in HD, Free Movies in HD, Free Live UK Channels in sd,
 Free VPN for BBCiplayer and other UK apps
 World radio, Games and so much more
No monthly Fee on any of our standard freeview packages.

Also the Option to add our paid service Expat IPTV at any time.

We Now Have More Free  Movies Than ever Before and Now Cartoons Too! 

Our Smart TV box is the best in Spain and we do not use KODI

Free UK TV in Spain

Our Android Smart TV box allows you to watch content which is available for free over the internet and brings this all to your living room TV. We update our boxes constantly, so when you purchase your Smart TV in Spain box we know that you are getting the best apps, programs and software that is available to date.

Our boxes are not just for watching UK TV. They are much much more. If you just want UK TV freeview in Spain on your computer or smartphone then you can download from one of our links here for free and never need one of our smart TV boxes,  If You would like to turn your TV into a smart TV/Mini PC with Thousands of Free movies on demand, Free TV series on demand, Free Music, Thousands of free radio stations, Free Sport , internet browser, facebook and much much more then you need a  Smart TV in Spain TV box. You may have heard of KODI or XBMC apps that deliver TV Channels, well these are the same app just, Kodi is the newer version. Kodi is a great app if you know how to use it , but very daunting if you don't. for this reason we don't use KODI or XBMC as our source for UK TV channels,  UK Sports channels, Movie channels, Movies on demand or TV series on demand. Our android TV boxes come packed with the most up to date content and apps possible at the time you purchase it. We are members of an android affiliate forum and are aware of the best android apps available to install on our boxes. If we have not installed an app that you know, then it would be because we either do not rate it as worthy to be on our box or we have far better apps installed. 

Our Smart TV box is the best in Spain: We posted an open challenge on facebook for other IPTV or smart TV box providers to pit themselves against our Smart TV Box in a  'Box OFF' no providers were brave enough to take us up on our offer. 

Don't Be Caught Out By Others offering Cheap android TV Boxes. 
There are many TV boxes that are available to purchase on sites like Ebay or Amazon for a lot less than our boxes. 
here is why: 
We are a fully paid up and registered company in Spain and we have to by law pay I.V.A at 21% of what we sell our boxes at. We include this Tax in our final price and If you would like a Factura for your purchase of your box, then we will be happy to supply you with one. 
We import our boxes legally which means we pay import charges and handling fees to the Spanish government that combine to sometimes 50%+ of the price we purchase our android boxes for. 
We supply everything needed to work your android TV box, including all leads and cables and mouse or handset, depending on which box you purchase from us and these are included in our price.
We fully guarantee all of our boxes for 6 months and we will exchange your android box for a new one if the box fails in that time and can not be put right for you.(Try getting this from an eBay seller or china supplier)  We also give full support for the life of the box. So even if you have had your box for 3 or more years we are happy to sort out any issues you may have and can even supply up to date apps via our website for you to download. As an existing customer we do this for free.  
Our boxes may look like a box that can be purchased cheaper on another site or like the box that some bloke is selling on a buy me quick Facebook page, but our Smart TV boxes will be completely different on chip used, memory, ram and quality. We buy our boxes in bulk from the original manufacturer to get the best deal possible and not from a subscription seller, Our TV boxes are then shipped by air direct to us as a plain android Smart TV box with no content other than its android running system. We then, open the box here in Spain and fully install all of our custom apps, which have been designed to work and run smoothly on the boxes that we supply.  We then test our boxes, check them for updates and then repack them ready to deliver. We do this all just a couple of days at the most before you purchase the android Smart TV box from us. This insures us that the box we install or deliver to you is as up to date as it can possibly be and its content can be no older than 2 days depending on delivery times. 

You will never hear a bad word from one of Smart TV in Spain's customers on Facebook or any other social media. As our customers no longer bother with social media as they have such great Movies and TV Shows to watch. ;-) 

And Remember 
Please don't get caught out by others selling ''cheaper offers''. these offers tend to be for an android box that is set up on dated software, running The Kodi app and is not fit for purpose. these cheap deal boxes generally need attention or replacing after just months of use.  At Smart TV in Spain we do not and never will charge a monthly subscription fee for something that is available for free. That is why Our Free-View package still has all sports and movie channels and always will.


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Free Live UK Channel list, movies and more. 

Just to Clear up what channels are available on the Smart TV in Spain Smart TV Box. Here are just a few;

Live TV:

BBC One, BBC 1 North Ireland, BBC Two, BBC Parliament, CBEEBIES/BBC Four, CBBC/BBC Three, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV1, ITV2, QUEST, E4, Yesterday, CBS Reality+1, CBS Reality, CBS Drama, ITV3, ITV4, ITV4+1, ITV+1, ITV2+1, ITV3+1, More4, Really, 5USA, Pick TV,

***Please note that 2Mbps are required to stream standard channels and 5Mbps + are required for HD Streams. Most movies will stream on 2Mbps. And please check that your internet provider gives you unlimited internet. Our boxes as yet will not work with Y-internet as they are blocking streaming on there system. 

Movies on demand:

Almost Every Movie Ever Made and in Most Languages. Best Of British Comedy, Stand Up Comedy, Crime and Gangster Movies, Horror, Box sets and much much more (screenshots)


Watch you Tube Videos on your TV, Listen to over 6000 Radio Stations from around the world, including all BBC radio channels, sing along with Sunfly Karaoke and now we have Video Jukebox (select your favourite artist or artists then select track or tracks and then press play to watch and listen to your favourite artists music videos. its that simple) 


Browse the Internet on your TV with Chrome, FireFox or Google.

Social Media:

Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Chat.


Download your Favorite apps from Google Or some of our pre-installed apps.

We Now have our Smart TV in Spain boxes back in stock. If you would like to order your Smart TV in Spain Box or arrange for a demo, Please fill in the web form on our websites contact us page. If you would like to talk about arranging a Free 1 day Trial of our IPTV service Please message via Whatsapp on 0034 666 960 262.  

Check your internet Speed now.

OOkla Speedtest 4mbps

Our boxes will run our free view package on a download speed of 2mbps or above. If you are concerned that you may not have enough internet speed then you can check your internet speed now here; 

Click here ---> Internet speed Checker 

remember its the download speed that matters.

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